Scavenger Hunt in Nature

Today was a beautiful Autumn day and I decided to take advantage of it. We got the kids ready and headed out for a nature walk. But not just any nature walk, this was going to be the kids’ first Scavenger Hunt!

I got the idea from my friend Roxanne in Winnipeg. When I told the kids about the scavenger hunt, Keyan was pretty excited and Kyah was just happy to do whatever her big brother wanted to do.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

First I made a list of items for each of them with pictures so they could read it themselves:
1 green leaf
2 red leaves
2 yellow leaves
2 brown leaves
1 small stick
1 big stick
1 long piece of grass
1 rock
1 crab
Then we got a bag for each of them to carry their finds and headed out to the trails behind Rocky Point Park.
We had a really great time walking, talking about nature and finding all the items on the list.
Scavenger hunt

The toughest thing to find was the crab, but that was also the most fun!
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Collage 1
And we found a few extra things that weren’t on our list: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt collage 2
At the end of the day, we all had a great time, but most importantly we made some wonderful family memories.
Have you been on a scavenger hunt with your kids? If so, what’s been on your list of things to find?

8 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt in Nature

  1. Awesome! What a perfect way to get my kid (and me) interested in dirt and nature and all the cool & gory stuff all aoround us. With this awesome weather I need to do this stat! 🙂

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