5 At-Home Workouts (When You Don’t Have Time To Go To The Gym)

It’s been a year since I’ve joined the gym and started working out on a regular basis. I love going to group classes but there are some days where I can’t make it to the gym or don’t have a full hour to exercise. On those days, a quick 10 or 20 minute workout at home does trick.

These are my five of  my favourite at-home workouts.

1. Booty Boot Camp With Jeanette Jenkins
This 10-minute workout is really affective and will have you out of breath, for real! Do it twice in a row and you won’t even realize that you’ve skipped going to the gym.

 2. 30 Day Shred
I love this workout DVD from Jillian Michaels. It has three different 20 minute workouts and they do make you sweat! The DVD only costs $7.99 and it’s a great one to have have in your exercise collection.

Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

3. Moms Into Fitness – Boot Camp 2
This is another DVD that I have in my at-home workout collection. I actually used it while I was pregnant and after. It’s not as intense as the first two but it still gives you a good workout. A bonus is that you can mix and match all the different workouts so it’s different every time. And you can workout for just 10 minutes or 30 minutes, you decide.

Moms into Fitness

4. Ten Minute Boot Camp
This is another awesome workout from Jeanette Jenkins that’s quick but really gets your heart rate up! If you need a good workout but don’t want to go to the gym, this is one to try.

10 Minute Trainer
Here is another great workout DVD. It’s five workouts for different parts of your body and each one is ten minutes long. It’s by Tony Horton who is a personal trainer to the stars. All you need for this is a mat and yourself.

10 minute trainer

Those are some of my favourite workouts when I don’t have time to go to the gym. How do you make time for exercise?

14 thoughts on “5 At-Home Workouts (When You Don’t Have Time To Go To The Gym)

  1. Great collection of workouts, Salma! I also think this is a good list for people who are intimidated by the gym (like me!) – it’s a way to ease your way into it at home while no one is watching. I also love the fact that the Jeanette Jenkins YouTube videos have the 10 minute timer that counts down! That would definitely be a motivator for me.

  2. Okay, so I do try to exercise regularly. On the occasions when I do, I cannot remember smiling nearly as much as the folks on those DVDs! I mean, seriously, if you are working out and sweating how is possible to look so happy!!!!!!

    😉 (thanks for sharing, Salma!)

  3. What a great choice of workouts! I love the shorter ones. They don’t seem so daunting. I’ve done a lot of the Beachbody workouts. They’re pretty good. Thanks for sharing your regime with us, Salma!

  4. Thanks for this! I find it SO hard to find time to get exercise in, but these are great ideas. Anyone can find 10 min or 20 min to get a quick workout in. I’m going to try the Shred and see how it goes.

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