5 Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas

The last time we went to a visit friends to see their new house, I wanted to give them a gift they would love and could use. Flowers and wine are always nice,  but I came across some really awesome and unique Housewarming Gift Ideas!

1. Wifi Code Frame
Create a  frame with their wifi code. It’s practical, looks cool and saves guests from having to ask for the wifi password when visiting.

Wifi Password Frame

2. Thing Charger
If you give this gift to new homeowners, they will thank you. Why? Because they won’t have look for another usb cable or unplug something else when they need to charge one of their devices. These Thing Chargers, (which we bought a few off) and so convenient and handy to have around.

Thing Charger

3. Personalized Coasters
Get a little more personal and make them coasters with a family photo. You can just creep their Facbook page and find a great picture. Then use that to create the coasters.

personalized photo coaster
4. Cards Against Humanity
This a game for grown ups only, but it would be a fun game to get as a gift. If you’ve never played it, when you do, I can promise you be falling down laughing!


5. Fire Extinguisher
Not only is it a good safety precaution to have one in the house, there are some really cool ones that would make a great piece of decor in the house. Now, to find one that can be delivered to Canada.

Those are some of my favourite ideas for housewarming gifts. What do you like to give?

4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas

  1. I haven’t had to give a housewarming gift in a long time but, eventually, some of my younger cousins will be buying homes. Those fire extinguishers are so cool! Actually, I didn’t know about any of these – thank you for the ideas.

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