5 Fun and Creative Perler Bead Crafts

Crafts are a common activity you’ll see in our house, whether it’s painting, building or creating.

Perler Bead Creations - Pinterest

One of our favorites is and making things with beads. A couple of years back we discovered Pyssla or Perler Beads and we’ve never looked back. There are varying degrees of difficulty so anyone can do it, from your youngest to your oldest.

You’ll need special bead boards and beads that you can pick up at Ikea or Michaels. Once you make your bead design or project, you’ll place wax paper on it and iron it on each side until the beads are stuck together.

Today I thought I’d share 5 of our favorite fun and creative perler bead creations.

1. Bead Iphone
I had to share this because it’s actually the first one the kids made. We found the image on Pinterest and just followed it line-by-line. The kids still play with the bead phone, more than a year later.

Perler Beads - Iphone

2. Bead Coasters
There are countless options for coaster designs when using Perler beads! You can make fruits, animals, super heroes, the list is endless. And not only are they fun to make, they are useful after the fact. A set of bead coasters would even be a nice gift idea!

Perler bead coasters

3. Bead Ornaments
I know Christmas is still four months away, but a great activity to do with the kids is making homemade ornaments with the kids. It’s so easy with perler beads and there are so many different options.

Perler bead christmas ornaments

4. Perler Bead Headphone Case
If you have earbud headphones, you know that the wires can easily tangle up, so this perler bead craft is a great way to store your earbuds in a fun way!


5. Bead Pokemon Balls
If you kids are into the pokeman craze,  then they’ll love to create any of these perler bead pokeman patterns!

Perler bead pokemon ball

These are just a few of the Perler Bead Projects we have made. For more ideas, check out our pinterest board and have fun creating!

7 thoughts on “5 Fun and Creative Perler Bead Crafts

  1. Love all these ideas Salma! These beads are perfect for kids of all ages. My kids have been playing with them for years and with older & younger friends. That earbud case is super cute!

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