5 Minute Mom Make-Up Routine

I don’t share a lot about make-up on my blog, the main reason being that I’m not great with make-up. I mean I know the basics but that’s about it.

My motto has always been a simple face. I want to look like me, but just a little enhanced.

5 minute make up - minimalist look

Now that I’m 40, a mom, working from home and tired a lot, it’s mostly about how quickly I can get out of the house and still look presentable. I’m a big believer in,  “If you look good, you feel good.”

So I thought it might be fun to share my 5 Minute Mom Make-Up Routine. 

5 minute mom make-up

These are the beauty items I use in my morning routine in this order.

1. Moisturizer
I wasn’t religious about this in the past, but now I make sure to moisturize my face every morning and every night. Before putting my make-up on, I use Oil of Olay Total Effects, which is also anti-aging, something I think about more these days.

2. Concealer
On those mornings when my dark circles are a little more pronounced and I’m really tired, I’ll put some concealer under my eyes. I recently tried this new Almay Age Essentials Concealer and I really like it. It’s smooth, easy to apply and matches my skin well.

3. Dual Finish Powder
I always have a shiny face so I like to use a light powder in the morning. I like this one from Lancome because if I ever need heavier coverage for some reason, I can use it with a wet make-up sponge and voila, a foundation.

4. Blush
I love blush. If someone said you can only choose one thing to use on your face before you leave the house, that would be blush. I feel like that little hint of color takes me from looking tired to looking refreshed. There isn’t one particular brand I use. I keep a few on hand in colors that I like.

5. Eyeliner
I don’t use eyeliner everyday, but probably 4 out of 7 because I like how it looks. I use a brown one because I think it has a softer daytime look to it, even though I still have a hard time making an even line! I’ve been using Teddy from MAC for ever. If I want to look a little dressier or for going out, I’ll use a black eyeliner.

6. Vaseline
And last but definitely not least, I NEED Vaseline for my lips. It softens, moisturizes and gives a little shine, everything I need before I’m ready to go! I also stopped wearing lip gloss when the kids were born because I didn’t want anything stopping me from kissing them constantly!

So that’s what my 5 Minute Mom Make-Up Routine looks like, what does your make-up routine involve? And if you could only use one thing before leaving the house, what would it be?


5 thoughts on “5 Minute Mom Make-Up Routine

  1. If I had to choose one item, it’d be lip gloss – a light, pinky shade just to give some color and shine! I like your routine – makes sense!

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