5 Must-Eat Places in New York

New York is really a tourist heaven. With amazing sights, lots of entertainment and delicious food, there is something new to see and eat every time you visit. In my first trip back in April, I shared 11 Fun Things to do and See in New York. Now that I’ve just come back from trip number two, this time I thought I would share the 5 Must-Eat Places in New York. I mean along with sightseeing, eating is also a big part of vacation. And these 5 places will not disappoint!

5 Must-Eat Place in New York-2
1. Don Antonio’s for Pizza – NYC is know for it’s amazing pizza. You can get pizza by the slice on almost every street and they are delicious! This time I decided to try one of the most recommend pizza places in the city. Don Antonio’s almost always has a line up, and now I know why! The crust was so soft and delicious and the toppings with cheese just exploded with flavour, really.

Don Antonio's Pizza NYC

2. Junior’s For Cheesecake – I tried many a cheesecake when I went to New York and Juniors had the best one, hands down! With the perfect amount of crust, amazingly creamy and tasty centre and strawberries on top, I could have easily eaten another piece, all in one sitting. Their main location is in Brooklyn but they actually have a small one near Times Square, so if you’re a cheesecake lover, make the time to stop by.

Cheesecake from Juniors

3. Spotted Pig for Creme Caramel – I can honestly say that I didn’t even know that I liked creme caramel until we randomly decided to try it after our dinner. O..M..G it was one of the most amazing desserts I have every tasted!! We actually went back again before we left, just to have another one before we left New York. And the rest of the food was pretty good too. 

4. Burgers at Shake Shack – If you enjoy a good burger, then you will appreciate the Shake Shack. Even though most of the time there is a line-up, once you take a bite of the burger, you will understand why. I tried the Shack Stack, which is a combo cheese and mushroom burger, seriously delicious!

Burger from Shake Shack

5. Halal Guys – Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the Halal Guys Food Truck. I finally got to try it on my second trip and it really was delicious. My friend said you have to get it from the original cart which is on 53rd and 6th, even though there are lots of halal guy carts around. If you do, be prepared to wait in a line. However, their famous gyros and chicken & rice platters are worth it!

Those are some of my favourite meals on my trips to New York. On my list are still the elusive cronut and an amazing New York bagel. Hopefully, third time is a charm for that.

If you’ve visited New York, what would you say is one of the best places to eat?

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  1. I’ve never visited New York. I’d love to try the places you recommended. The food sounds wonderful. We eat creme caramel here in England, but I’ll bet the pig place makes a wonderful version.

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