5 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Every October we have a tradition where my brother comes over and with my husband and the kids, they  have a ton of fun carving pumpkins!


Two is our limit when it comes to carving. However, we always end up with a lot more pumpkins because of school trips to the pumpkin patch and excited family members who want to buy the kids pumpkins.

So once the two carved ones are complete, we will try other ways of decorating the pumpkins that don’t require carving. Last year we even had a fun Halloween party at our house where everyone got to get creative and make their own special pumpkin.

Pumpkin party - finished

If you’re in the same boat as us when it comes to the number of pumpkins you end up with, or you prefer not carving them, here are 5 Fun Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.


Fun Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

1. Mummy Pumpkins
These are my favourite. The mummy pumpkins are cute and scary at the same time as well as being simple to make.

Photo Source: Bliss At Home

2. Emoji Pumpkins
We all love a good emoji 🙂 And here’s a great tutorial on how to turn your Halloween pumpkin into one!

Photo Source: Cutefetti

3. Potato Head Pumpkins
If you have any of the Mr & Mrs Potato Head collections, use them to make a really simple and fun no carve jack-o-lantern.

Photo Source: Frugal Life Project

4. Googly Eyed Pumpkins
This no-carve pumpkins will be super easy for the kids to do and it’s also kind of creepy for Halloween.

Photo Source: Paging Supermom

5. Painted Pumpkins
Painting a pumpkin can be a great alternative to carving. There are so many different ways to do it and it’s easy enough for the kids to do.

Photo Source: Kids Craft Room

For more pumpkin decorating ideas, check out this No Carve Pumpkin Pinterest Board.

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