5 Solutions When You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Hair

If you’re really busy, whether it’s running after your kids, working from home or both, often you don’t have time to do some of the things that are deemed necessary in life, one of those being, washing your hair. Now I’m not saying you should never wash your hair, but I have come up with a few solutions that can help you get through the few days before you have time to wash, dry and style your hair. They are quick, simple and you’ll still look fabulous 🙂

1. Dry Shampoo – My first suggestion is dry shampoo. You can get it at any grocery or drugstore and it’s quite inexpensive. You just follow the instructions and spray it near your roots, rub it in and you’re ready to go. If you want a more natural solution, here’s a great recipe from Wellness Mama for homemade dry shampoo.

dove dry shampoo
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2. Sock Bun – This is one that I’ve used many times. It looks great and is really simple to do. You can buy a sock bun thing from the store, or you can use an old (clean) sock, scissors, a hair tie and a bobby pin. Here’s a link to some sock bun tutorials and once you get the hang of it, you’ll love how it looks.

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3. Braid – This has actually been my favourite during the summer. I’ve been going to the gym, the beach, swimming and lots of fun stuff with the kids. Much of the time I’ve either had no time to wash or no time to dry my hair and a braid works for dirty or wet hair! Just pull your hair to the back or the side, braid it, tie it, maybe use a couple bobby pins if you have layered hair and you’re done. A side benefit is that when you take it out, you’ll have beautiful waves in your hair.

Braided Hair

4. Washing Your Bangs – I was a little embarrassed about this at first but it has been so helpful when I’m short on time, that I decided to share. Sometimes when I don’t have time to wash my hair, I pull my hair back and just leave out the bangs or the front portion. Then I wash and dry that part only. I will pull the rest of my hair back and the front looks clean and fresh. Kind of gross but also kind of ingenious if you ask me.

5. Wear a fun hat – Not having time to wash your hair is great excuse to wear all those hats you buy but then never end up wearing. And if you don’t own any hats, it’s the perfect time to buy a couple to tide you over to the next time you actually have time to wash & dry your hair.

hat collage

You can also use a few of these tips together, like dry shampoo and a sock bun or braid. Or a braid and a hat. Or washing your bangs and then a braid. There are really so many ways to getaway with not washing your hair when you don’t have time and that’s often a reality for busy moms!

What’s your tip when you don’t have time to wash and style your hair? Would you use any of the tips above?

21 thoughts on “5 Solutions When You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Hair

  1. Wearing a hat and glass works perfectly! I understand how running a blog can make you limited on time. On those types of days I take my hat off the dresser and my sun glasses. Most people know me for my glasses but wearing a hat is only when I “feel” like it.

    1. You can use straight baking soda, or even cocoa powder (the cheap stuff) to absorb the extra oil in your hair. just sprinkle, shake it through, wait a bit then brush it out,

      I’m guilty of that one.

  2. Love all the ideas, I use the dry shampoo and do a good ole ponytail with some fancy clips when I need to which is often. I’m going to try the sock bun next me thinks. thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. ha,ha,ha! Who has time to wash their hair anyway….says she who just dyed her hair…
    Yes, I can so relate! Need to have clean hair for my videos, otherwise it’s a ponytail, hat, bandana or GEL for me! GEL works magic, give it a shot sometime!

  4. I have yet to try dry shampoo, but there’s nothing like a hat or putting your hair up in a bun to disguise an unwashed hair.



  5. It’s not healthy for your scalp to was your hair too frequently anyways. Using chemicals to strip away natural oils…blech! Lol
    Great ideas, Salma!

  6. I’ve never tried dry shampoo. I often braid or put my hair up like this. I’ve seen that sock bun but haven’t tried it in my own hair – lately I’ve been doing a simple knot bun, with a pony tail and four bobby pins, so I should try the sock bun. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. My dirty little secret – Sometimes I rub a dollop of mousse into my hands, zig zag my fingers over my scalp to tousle my hair near the roots (and make it smell pretty!), then throw my hair into a messy bun.

  8. Love this post!! I still can’t figure out how to do the sock bun on but I do use dry shampoo often and also just wash my bangs in a pinch. Side braid (or as my daughters call it ‘the Elsa braid’ is also effective).

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