5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care, we hear that word a lot. The meaning is pretty self explanatory, caring for your self. As simple as it sounds, as lives get busier, self-care, more often than not, gets forgotten, even more so for mothers. Once we have little ones running around, the focus for our care naturally goes to them.

While self-care drops to the bottom of our lists once the demands of motherhood hit in full force, it’s really important to take time for ourselves because it impacts so many different aspects of our lives. Self-care is important for the well-being of our physical & emotional health, it helps reduce our stress levels and it even makes us a better parents, really! This article from Very Well, does a good job of explaining WHY self-care is so important.

When you do make the time for self-care, it can be in the form of something simple that you do for yourself at home or it can be something bigger and more involved. Whatever you do, just make sure you do something on a regular basis because you are are important as everyone else in your life.

5 Ways to practice self-care

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

1. Take a Bath
Grab your bath balm, essential oils and your bubbles. Once the kids are in bed, fill up the tub and soak until you’re a prune. A bath can be so relaxing, calming and soothing, the perfect way to just relax and make your self the most important person for a little while. And there is no excuse not too because you have everything without even leaving the house.

2. Go for a Spa Treatment
This is one of my favourite things and I’ve made a pact to do it more often because it feels amazing. I recently went to the Wildflower Beauty Bar for a pedicure and an Instant Glow Facial. My pedicure included a shoulder, neck and leg massage along with the foot care. The mini facial gave my face a much needed refresh. In the span of 1 hour and 20 minutes, I felt cared for, happy and refreshed. Now that is something we have to be be able to make more time for in our lives, right?

Got an amazing pedi & facial at Wildflower Beauty Bar!

3. Get Lost in a Good Story
Did you used to be an avid movie goer or reader? Me too. I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning once I had a good book that I just couldn’t put down. After becoming a busy mom, often there is no time for that. But if getting lost in a good story is something you love, make the time for it! Whether it’s getting into bed 20 minutes early so you can read, or making a hour for yourself to go to a coffee shop and reading a book, do it!

4. Have a Night Out with Friends
We love our friends right? We text message, chat on FB and have playdates, but what about just a fun girls night out? It can can be so therapeutic to just hang out with your girl friends and it’s another way of practicing self-care.
If you’re not actually sure what to do on a girl’s night out, don’t worry, I can totally help you with that too: 10 Girl’s Night Out Ideas for Moms

Taking a photo after our fun mom’s night out

5. Get a Massage
And last but definitely not least, get a massage. This is on my “Do More Often” list. A massage is physical self care. It relieves stress, helps any muscle aches and pains, is relaxing and feels darn good!

Those are 5 great ways to practice self-care more often. It doesn’t matter how you do, just make sure you do. As a mother, we often feel guilty if we every put ourselves first but it’s really okay to care for ourselves. It’s important to for so many reasons and in the end, you can forget the Mommy Guilt because it even makes us better moms.

What is your favourite way to pamper or self-care?

*Thank you to Wildflower Beauty Bar for the great treatment!

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