5 Ways to Pack a Green Lunch

Now that back-to-school is in full swing, (for most) packing lunches is a daily occurrence. Have you ever thought about what you use when you put your child’s lunch together? Are there a lot of ziplock bags, plastic utensils, paper towels and juice boxes? If so, you are not alone. What you may not realize is that most of that packaging ends up in the garbage and landfills.

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It’s actually easier than you think to pack an eco-friendly lunch and it’s more cost-effective in the long run. Here are 5 Ways to Pack a Green Lunch:

1. Lunch Bag – Instead of a brown paper bag or plastic bag, invest in a nice, sturdy lunch box that is big enough to hold everything and will last you a long time. Some of my favourites are bento style lunch boxes that give you a variety of options and cuts down on the trash.

2. Sandwich Bags – We are all guilty of using sandwich bags, it’s just so convenient. Well, last year I made a pact to stop using them for any part of packing lunch and it’s been so easy. We bought a variety of containers in different sizes as well as reusable cloth sandwich bags and it’s been working really well. There are so many different sizes and types to buy. Or it you’re crafty, you can even make your own.

3. Paper Napkins – This is something I started doing recently. Instead of sending a paper towel for your child to wipe their hands or clean up their spills, include a cloth napkin. You can just add it into the lunch box and then put it with the laundry when they get home.

4. Juice Boxes – Instead of sending your child juice boxes everyday, invest in a nice stainless steel or BPA-Free bottle and use that instead. You can fill it with water or juice from a bigger bottle which will not only be more eco-friendly, it’ll also be a cost-saver.

5. Plastic Utensils – My last suggestion is to get a portable cutlery set and pack it in the lunch box instead of using plastic forks and spoons that get thrown away. It’ll get your child to be more responsible for their things and keep that plastic out of the landfills.

Remember, even though these tips are geared towards kids lunches, we can all incorporate them when we pack our lunches as well. Even if you can’t do everything, every little step adds up to make a big difference

I’ve been saving the best for last, Organically Hatched, a local Canadian company that specializes in organic baby and family products, is giving me an eco-friendly lunch set to giveaway to one lucky reader valued at over $75! The contest is open to all US & Canadian residents.

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6. Reusable Ice Pack

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*I was not compensated in any way to write this post. All opinions, as always, are mine. A big thank you to Organically Hatched for providng the ‘Green’ Lunch Set giveaway.


44 thoughts on “5 Ways to Pack a Green Lunch

  1. These are some great ideas. When my husband takes his lunch with him, he has a stainless steal tub for soups and stews, and we keep the plastic tubs from takeaways for sandwiches and salads. We do still have plastic forks left over from a birthday party though, so currently use them to get them out of our drawer!

  2. We try to be greener by gardening and composting, using reusable bags when we shop, and by recycling everything possible.

  3. We try to start by reducing the waste that comes in the house and then making sure we are diligent with separating our items for green waste, garbage, and recycling. We also are working hard and consuming more whole foods, better using our leftovers, etc. We have reduced all our waste a lot over the past few years.
    I love the napkins idea, and we use our old receiving blankets for kitchen spills (and spilled milk etc). I may cut 2 up and have 8 napkins for school use.

  4. I follow most of the recommendations above: pack lunches, cloth napkin, reusable water bottle, etc. Try to be as green as possible!

  5. Our family uses re-useable containers on a daily basis for lunches/snacks/drinks. goodbyn is great – the other brands in the prize pack look fabulous too!

  6. We recycle EVERyTHING that can possibly be recycled. We wash our clothes in cold water with environmentally friendly laundry soap. We use cloth bags for groceries and we walk if we can instead of using the car!

  7. I used to rely heavily on one-time use items, and I’ve cut a lot of it out of our home. Things like plastic sandwich bags, cling wrap, bottled water and paper towels have been almost completely replaced with reusable alternatives.

  8. My partner and I never buy plastic bottled water. We have glass bottles that we use everywhere we go. We also got extra ones in case any of our guests want to carry a bottle of water with them when they sight see.

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