7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about boxes of chocolates, flowers, cards and dinner’s out if you don’t want it to be. In fact, if you’re parents of young kids, there is a good chance you’ll be staying home especially if you can’t find a babysitter or you’re just plain tired.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a fun date night at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Here are 7 At-Home Date Night Ideas that you can enjoy:

At-Home Date Night Ideas

1. Candlelight Picnic
Once the kids go to bed, set up a picnic for two in a cozy corner of the house. You’ll need a picnic blanket, some cheese, crackers, grapes and wine (or whatever you like.) Grab a few candles to set the mood and you will have a perfect romantic date night at home.

2. Bubble Bath
If you have a a nice big tub, why not fill it with warm water, bubbles and some bath beads. Then grab some champagne or gingerale and enjoy a bubble bath with the one you love.

3. Movie Night
If you are movie buffs, why not have a movie night? Since it’s a Valentine’s date night, pick a romantic comedy, here is a list of some of my favourite romantic comedies, make some popcorn and grab some of your favourite snacks. Then cuddle up on the couch and enjoy!

4. Games Night
As parents, you probably play games with your kids quite often, but games can be a fun date night for parents too! Whether it’s your favourite board or card game, set something up once the kids go to bed. And if you’re in the mood for something more interesting, try Cards Against Humanity.

5. At-Home-Massages
How relaxing would it be to get a couples at-home massage on Valentine’s Day? If you like the idea but don’t have the budget, then you can give each other massages instead. 

6. DIY and Craft Night
Another fun date night could be to create a DIY or craft together to display in your home. Here are a list of great craft and DIY’s.

7. A Walk Down Memory Lane
And last but not least, pull out the old photo albums and home movies and take a walk down memory lane to the days of dating and honeymooning. It could be lots of fun to reminisce and rekindle some romance.

What do you usually like to do on a date night?





10 thoughts on “7 At-Home Date Night Ideas

  1. What a great set of ideas for enjoying a special night with your loved-one.
    My husband and I don’t do anything different. We married on Valentines day 26 years ago, but now, in our seventies, we appreciate our time together every night.

  2. When my son was young, we used to have movie nights. Now, for Valentine’s Day, my husband prepares a special dinner. We rarely eat out. I’m fortunate that he loves to cook.

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