At Home Workout Equipment You Will Actually Use

Whether you love going to the gym to exercise, running is your jam, you’re a a CrossFit convert or spinning gets you sweaty, there’s always going to be a day where you can’t make it to the gym, or the rain doesn’t let you get outside. Since you still want to get your movement in, an at home workout is probably going to happen. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite at home workout equipment to get you an awesome sweat session.

at-home workout equipment

Awesome At Home Workout Equipment

1.Loop resistance Bands
This are now one of my favourite pieces of equipment whether I’m working out at home or at the gym. They fit into the smallest purse, great for travel and give you a challenging workout!
Here a quick fully body workout just using the bands.
Here’s another just for the booty workout.
These two loop resistance band options are the ones I have at home.

2. Sliders
Another great piece of small equipment that is awesome for your at-home workouts are sliders. Sliders really do a great job targeting the core, making regular exercises more challenging and you can actually do a full body workout with them.

3. Agility Ladder
I recently added an agility ladder to my at home workout equipment stock and it’s been great. With the agility ladder you can make your workouts more fun, challenging and even the kids may want to join you, (mine did!)

4. Kettle Bells
Don’t be intimidated by kettle bells. They can be such a great and versatile workout! You don’t even need two, you can get a full body workout with just one kettle bell at home. Try this one: 20 Kettle Bell Workout

5. Yoga Mat

And last but not least, for almost all at home exercise workouts and stretching, you’ll need a great quality yoga mat.

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