Easy and Delicious Kale Chips

Since doing my clean eating challenge, I’ve been trying to implement it with the kids as well. I feel like they eat well already, but packaged snacks still seem to sneak their way back into our pantry. Now I’ve been re-introducing snacks that I used to make for them all the time back in Winnipeg but as life got busy, I seemed to forget.

Simple Kale Chips recipe for Pinterest

The other day I decided to make Kale Chips for them, one of their favourite snacks when they were younger. Kyah and I made them in the afternoon and took them to Keyan for a snack when we picked him up from school. Let me tell you, they were inhaled in less than 90 secs! 

When we got home, the kids ate the rest of the kale chips and then asked me if I could go buy more kale tomorrow so we could make them again. I’s say that means success!

Here’s the recipe for these super easy and delicious Kale Chips:

– large bunch of kale
– olive oil
– kosher salt (or whatever salt you use)

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the kale. It’s important that there is no water on the kale before you cook it. You can even wash it the night before and leave it between towels to dry so the process is faster when you make them

2. Rip the kale into small pieces leaving the fibrous spines out. Place them on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper

Kale Chips step 2

3. Drip oil lightly over the kale. Then use your hands to make sure all the kale is coated with oil. It’ll take about 30 seconds to mix it with your hands and you won’t need a lot of oil

4. Then sprinkle with salt. You can use as little or as much as you want in accordance with your families tastes.

5. Place the the baking sheet in the oven that is pre-heated at 350 degrees. Cook for 11-14 minutes. When you see the edges getting brown, the kale should be crispy and done. If you let it stay in the oven for too long, they will get all brown and burn!

Kale Chips in the oven

*Troubleshooting: If you find that some of the kale is cooked perfectly and some is still wet, make sure that there is no water next time and ensure that all the kale was spread evenly on the cooking sheet. You can even take out the kale that’s done and cook the soft ones for a couple more minutes. But watch them closely so they don’t burn!

Kale Chips - finished

Then enjoy as a snack during the day or even at night when you’re watching a movie.

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