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Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program. You get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. It has 6 full body workouts, three for the gym and three at-home workouts.
The 12-month subscription is $180, (which is $15 per month for 12 months, a savings of over $71.)


Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program where you get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. (When you first sign up, you immediately get the first training program.) It has 6 workouts: three, full body gym workouts and three full body at-home workouts. These workouts can be modified to make them more challenging or less. Each exercise has a link with a demo to help you though your workout.

A  12-month subscription is $180, (that’s $15 a month, a savings of more than $71.)

Your  12-month subscription to Workout with Salma also gives you membership access to a private FB group where everyone will be doing the same workouts. You will get support for the exercise program, answers to any questions, tips, modifications and form checks.

For the gym workouts, if you’re exercising at a commercial gym or rec centre, you will have all the equipment you need. Along with that, a resistance band (for chin ups,) a mini loop band and sliders are recommended.  For the at home workouts, you will need dumbbells, a medium set and a heavy set, a yoga mat, a mini loop band and sliders. (At home you could substitute napkins or paper towels for sliders on a hardwood or laminate floor.) A chin bar is nice to have, but not essential.
These items are linked in my Amazon Store as well.

The program comes to you as a pdf that you can download to your phone, tablet and laptop. Once you pay for your 12  month, Workout with Salma  subscription, the digital downloads are non-refundable. However, you can cancel your 12 month subscription renewal  at anytime by emailing: thewritebalancefitness@gmail.com and in the subject line write: Cancel 12 Month Subscription.

2 reviews for 12 Month Subscription

  1. Christina

    Salma’s workout got me reinterested in working out regularly and that it doesn’t have to be daunting. Her workouts are flexible to the home and the gym and can be one that grows with you as your ability grows. Had a lot of fun with it and feel stronger!

  2. Vic Nguyen

    I was never a gym guy, so I needed something that would help me. The program gave me the structure and guidance I needed, it was as if I has a personal trainer beside me! The program is easy to follow and super helpful for a gym newbie like me, I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to stay fit and healthy.

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