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Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program. You get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. It has 6 full body workouts, three for the gym and three at-home workouts.
The 6-month subscription is $100, (which is $16.67 per month for 6 months, a savings of over $25.)


Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program where you get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. (When you first sign up, you immediately get the first training program.) It is 6 workouts: three, full body gym workouts and three full body at-home workouts. These workouts can be modified to make them more challenging or less. Each exercise has a link with a demo to help you though your workout.

A  6-month subscription is $100, (that’s $16.67 a month, a savings of more than $25.)

**This month, due to COVID 19 and shutdown, there will be 5 At-Home Workouts plus a bonus ab workout, a dynamic warmup and post workout stretch. 

Your  6-month subscription to Workout with Salma also gives you membership access to a private FB group where you will get support for the exercise program, answers to any questions, tips, modifications and form checks.

For the gym workouts, if you’re exercising at a commercial gym or rec centre, you will have all the equipment you need. Along with that, a resistance band (for chin ups,) a mini loop band and sliders are recommended.  For the at home workouts, you will need dumbbells, a medium set and a heavy set, a yoga mat, a mini loop band and sliders. (At home you could substitute napkins or paper towels for sliders on a hardwood or laminate floor.) A chin bar is nice to have, but not essential.
These items are linked in my Amazon Store as well.

The program comes to you as a pdf that you can download to your phone, tablet and laptop. Once you pay for your 6 month, Workout with Salma  subscription, the digital downloads are non-refundable. However, you can cancel your 6 month subscription renewal  at anytime by emailing: thewritebalancefitness@gmail.com and in the subject line write: Cancel 6 Month Subscription.

2 reviews for 6 Month Subscription

  1. Zameel Dewji

    This is a workout for everyone. I train 4-5 days per week and relatively fit. These programs are well rounded and give me a great strategy from week to week. Signed up for 6 months, excited to see what next months workout is! Thanks Salma

  2. Crystal Allen

    I’m addicted to Workouts with Salma for so many reasons but here are my top 5:

    1- Salma is an incredible person. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader, is encouraging, non judgemental and a phenomenal personal trainer. With Workouts With Salma you get access to Salma to answer your fitness related questions along with her community to offer you support. Salma was great about giving me modifications for specific exercises that I wasn’t able to do, and didn’t make me feel like a failure about having to do them.
    2. The workouts are fast and fun. I was able to get my workouts done in 45 minutes. There is also a good variation in the exercises on each day of the week so it kept me engaged, but allowed me to challenge myself by repeating each workout once per week throughout the month.
    3. Can be done from at home or at the gym. This is such a nice option. I tend to workout at home because then I don’t have an excuse not to get it done, but sometimes a girl just needs to get out of the house so it’s nice to have a gym option for your daily workout too.
    4. Videos that show me exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I found that I was clicking on the video links regularly to make sure that I was doing each exercise correctly and with proper form. I liked though that I wasn’t tied to a screen to get my workout done.
    5. It’s not just about your body, it’s about your mind too. I find that so many exercise programs focus on “losing weight”. With Salma that wasn’t the case. I felt like her program is really meant to help your body and mind get into a great healthy zone and losing weight is just a positive side effect of the program.

    If you’re considering signing up for Workout With Salma I highly suggest you do it. You, your mind and your body won’t regret it!

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