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Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program You get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. It has 6 full body workouts, three for the gym and three at-home workouts from home. The 3-month subscription is $55, (which is $18.33 per month for 3 months, a savings of $7.98)


Workout with Salma is a monthly subscription training program where you get a new workout delivered to your inbox, on the last day before the new month. (When you first sign up, you immediately get the first training program.) It is 6 workouts: three, full body gym workouts and three full body at-home workouts. These workouts can be modified to make them more challenging or less. Each exercise has a link with a demo to help you though your workout.

A 3 month subscription is $55, (which is $18.33 per month, a savings of $7.98)

**This month, due to COVID 19 and shutdown, there will be 5 At-Home Workouts plus a bonus ab workout, a dynamic warmup and post workout stretch. 

Your  3-month subscription to Workout with Salma also gives you membership access to a private FB group where you will get support for the exercise program, answers to any questions, tips, modifications and form checks.

For the gym workouts, if you’re exercising at a commercial gym or rec centre, you will have all the equipment you need. Along with that, a resistance band (for chin ups,) a mini loop band and sliders are recommended.  For the at home workouts, you will need dumbbells, a medium set and a heavy set, a yoga mat, a mini loop band and sliders. (At home you could substitute napkins or paper towels for sliders on a hardwood or laminate floor.) A chin bar is nice to have, but not essential.
These items are linked in my Amazon Store as well.

The program comes to you as a pdf that you can download to your phone, tablet and laptop. Once you pay for your 3 month, Workout with Salma  subscription, the digital downloads are non-refundable. However, you can cancel your 3 month subscription renewal  at anytime by emailing: thewritebalancefitness@gmail.com and in the subject write: Cancel 3 Month Subscription in the subject line.

2 reviews for 3 Month Subscription

  1. Ritu

    “Workout with Salma was really good. I was sweating and working hard thoughout the whole thing and I felt motivated even though it was pushing me… I felt like it was a really well thought out workout.”

  2. Trish McFarlane

    I did the workouts at home and I liked that they were quick. I was finished in 35-40 mins and felt like I got a good work out!

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