Quick Homemade Valentine’s Cards

If you’re still scrambling to get Valentine’s cards ready for your kids’ class, try these super simple homemade cards, the majority of which the kid’s can do by themselves.  We found everything we needed with a quick trip to the Dollar Store.


Valentine's Card Supplies

– a package of foam or cardboard hearts
– colorful markers
– Valentine themed stickers

Once you have the supplies, you can write the names of all the students in the class on the hearts, then if your child is able, let them sign their own name on the back of the card. After that, hand over the stickers and let your child have fun decorating all the hearts.

valentine's cards

To continue with the fun heart theme, we also baked some heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies for our pre-schooler to give his classmates with the cards. It’s a fun project to do together with your child and it’s also a way to keep him occupied while you get some work done. Either way, the end result is a batch of beautiful Valentine’s Day cards that he will be proud to give his friends.

Easy-peasy right?

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