The Start of Spring, A New Year & Planting Seeds

March is the beginning of a new season. It is also Navroz for Ismail Muslims around the world. Every year on March 21, we celebrate a new year and the beginning of Spring. (For more info, click here.)

I like celebrating the start of our traditional New Year with Spring. It’s like a fresh start. We don’t make resolutions, but we do look toward to the rest of the year as an opportunity for a renewal, both spiritually and physically within ourselves and our homes.

Things like spring cleaning happen as well as the planting new seeds, in particular, wheat. The reason we plant the wheat is for Barakat which is prosperity.  It’s supposed to bring plenty in your life.

I decided to start a tradition this year with my kids, to plant wheat for the New Year and the start of Spring.  This is a great activity to do with the kids during spring break and it gives you a chance to talk to the kids about the season of Spring.


Planting wheat supplies

– small planters
– soil
– wheat
– spade (or spoons)
– water


1. Fill your pot with soil about half way.

add soil to planter2. Sprinkle with wheat seeds.
3. Then cover the seeds with more soil.
4. Spray with water to moisten the soil.

spray plants

5. Then place the plant near sunlight and spray with water each day to keep the soil moist. You should see sprouts beginning to pop through the soil in 5-7 days.

Planting seeds is a great way to celebrate spring with your kids, talk about new seasons and help your kids learn how to take care of something and see their fruits of labour at work when the plant begins to grow. What do you like to do to celebrate Spring?

Navroz Mubarak to all and Happy Spring!

4 thoughts on “The Start of Spring, A New Year & Planting Seeds

  1. Excuse my ignorance Salma but is this the same as Persian new year’s? My daycare providers are from Iraq originally and that is what they told me they are celebrating this week. Thanks for sharing about traditions important to your family. I love to learn about different celebrations.

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