Valentine Pet Rock Cards

With the kids both in school, when Valentine’s day comes around, each year we like to have fun with our Valentine’s Day cards that the kids take to school.

My four-year old will be taking heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies to her preschool class. My six-year old will be taking these adorable Valentine Pet Rock Cards. They are so cute and really easy to make so I thought I’d share. The best part is, the kids can help out with a lot of it!


– Rocks (you go for a nature walk and pick the rocks together or if you’re short on time, the dollar store has great ones)
– Googly eyes
– Glue gun
– Black sharpie
– Small plastic bags
– Cue cards
– Stapler

1. Use the glue gun to attach the eyes to the rocks.
2. Use the sharpie to make smiles on the rocks.
3. Put the rocks inside the small plastic bags
4. On the cue cards, you can write something cute like, “Valentine, You Rock!” Then have your child sign their name on each card.
5. Staple each cue card to the top of the plastic bag. And voila, Pet Rock Valentine Cards!


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