Why a Girl’s Trip is so Much More Than You Think

Yesterday I came back from a two-night girl’s trip to Victoria with my friend and business partner, Raj. I use the term Girl’s Trip loosely because it was just the two of us and if you can believe it, neither of us has EVER been on a girl’s trip so we were both excited about the experience. We were hosted by Tourism Victoria and had a really wonderful time.

Next week I’m going to share all the fun stuff we did as well as all the great family things there are to do in Victoria over the holiday season.


Importance of a Girl’s Trip

However, today I wanted to quickly share more about the conversations and thoughts we had as we took a break from real life, from work and from being a mom.

When you get to step away, even for a little while, it’s amazing what can happen. Leaving Victoria, I feel more determined, more centered and more focused.

I was able to just talk and Raj listened and vice versa. I was able to ramble on about things that confused me, about goals I wanted to achieve in both my personal and professional life and wasn’t sure how to pursue, about relationships, about motherhood and life in general. There was no time limit as to how long we could talk and no one else waiting for us to do something for them. It was freeing.

In the process, we drank copious amounts of tea, racked up countless steps on our fitbits, stopped at fabulous places in Victoria, took an unheard number of selfies, bonded over girl time and came home feeling more empowered in all aspects of our life.


Leaving the trip, we decided that a girl’s trip is not only for fun, it’s also a necessity. It lets us leave behind our everyday roles and routines and allows us to just focus on ourselves, our goals and our dreams. It allows us as mother’s to reignite the woman in us, the person we were before having children, the being that sometimes gets lost in the journey that is being a mom.

9 thoughts on “Why a Girl’s Trip is so Much More Than You Think

  1. Wow! What amazing insight. That’s it! I am booking girl’s getaway for the New Year – you have totally inspired me. Thanks so much for coming – you two are phenomenal women – and were wonderful to host.

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