5 Easy Hacks to Organize Your Closet

Being organized is NOT one of my biggest strengths. However, I have been trying to get my life organized this year and I actually had a lot of success with my closet. It may seem like such a trivial thing but it really helps to see everything and know where it is, in a nice and organized manner. I’m not the most handy or crafty person, but these little tricks and hacks were so simple, that even I could do it, so I’m sharing them and hopefully it’ll help you out a little too.

1. Purses
Over the years, I’ve managed to collect a few (ehm) purses. I’d stash them in one side of the closet and try to keep them organized between everyday, extra large, computer and dressy. It wasn’t the best way but I didn’t really know what else to do until recently. I found a great idea from AriannaBelle.com which repurposes  an over-the-door coat hanger with multiple hooks. This is great because it’s inexpensive, holds a lot of bags, keeps them off the floor and it’s easy to see and choose the one you want to use.

Organize scarves 2

2. Scarves
Last season, I went a little nuts over scarves, especially when I figured out a super easy way to make DIY Infinity Scarves. They are are a simple and inexpensive way to accessorize and change your everyday outfit. I used to just keep all the scarves in a basket on the floor of my closet. But it was hard to see all the options and they would end up in a tangle. So I took a strong hanger and a pack of sturdy shower curtain rings and made myself a scarf organizer. Just put the rings on the hanger and then pull the scarves through, it’s that easy!

Organize scarves

3. Belts
A while back I bought my hubby a special hanger that’s used to hang ties. But he never used it, so instead I took it and  repurposed it to hang my belts. They stay untangled, organized and easily accessible. I found this one at Target.

organize belts long

4. Dangling Earring and Necklaces
Jewelry’s always been a difficult one for me to keep organized. The pairs get mixed up, the necklaces get tangled and they all end up in a mess in my jewellery drawer. I found this pretty awesome DIY jewelry holder using an IKEA utensil holder from My Sister’s Suitcase. I love how this displays all my earrings so beautifully and how easy it is for me (or my daughter) to pick the earrings I want to wear.

organize long earrings

5. Stud Earrings and Rings
I’ve also got a small collection of stud earrings and a few rings. I found an awesome little organizer at the local Dollarama and it was perfect. You can find it in the craft section and in the hardware section. It makes it so easy to find and store everything. I also bought an extra one to take with me for travelling because you can adjust the sizes of all the squares and fit all the jewelry you want to take in one little organized box. And it only costs $1.25.

organize studd earrings 1

Those are 5 easy hacks that are making my life just a little more organized. What are your little secrets for organization?

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  1. love these ideas…. as an org junkie myself, i have a scarf hanger and that same dollar store container for my jewelry— especially great for travelling!

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