5 Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Now I don’t know what the kids are going to do for me, but there are also some other moms that we need to get gifts for. More specifically, the children’s grandmothers.

This year, the kids and I decided to make homemade gifts. So we started a Pinterest Board and pinned all the ideas we really liked. There were so many great projects that any mom would love that I had to share them with all of you in case you (or your hubby) are looking for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Mothers Day Homemade Gifts

Here are 5 of our favourite  Homemade Mothers’s Day Gift Ideas.

1. Hand-Shaped Ring Dish
Mama Papa Bubba is one of my favourite places to get great ideas for projects to do with the kids. This Ring Dish had caught my eye a long time ago and Mothers’ Day was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Just make sure to get a good quality air-dry clay. I learned the hard way during our first attempt that dollar store clay wouldn’t cut it, when a bunch of the fingers broke off! The finished product is so lovely and mom (or grandma) will love taking of her rings to put in their special holder. 

Photo Courtesy: Mama Papa Bubba

2. Thumbprint Charm Necklaces
Any mother will wear this charm necklace with pride. It’s so pretty and the fact that it’s personalized makes it even more special. With a little help from an adult, these would be a great Mother’s Day project for the kids. 

Photo Source: Little Pink Monster
Photo Source: Little Pink Monster

3. Spa In A Jar
Love this Spa in a Jar idea as a Mother’s Day gift! As moms, we often don’t get the time to go out and pamper ourselves. But, it’s nice to have everything on hand if you ever have a small chunk of time at home to give yourself a little self pampering with a mini mani or pedi.

Photo Source: The Gunny Sack
Photo Source: The Gunny Sack

4. Handprint Oven Mitt
This next idea is cute and practical. All you need is a pair of plain oven mitts, fabric paint and permanent maker and you have a gift that will make any mother smile each time she takes something out of the the oven.

Photo Source: About Family Crafts
Photo Source: About Family Crafts

5. Beaded Keychains
If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea that even a toddler can make, this beaded keychain is perfect. It’s really simple and mom or grandma will be able to take it with her everywhere.

Photo Source: Make It Handmade
Photo Source: Make It Handmade

If you want more ideas, make sure to check out my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Pinterest Board.


9 thoughts on “5 Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Love these ideas – growing up my mom loved our hand made gifts the most. She still uses the Hand-Shaped Ring Dish! The spa in the jar is so new and creative – think i may give that a try this year!

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