5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Classroom

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! If your child’s school exchanges cards or gifts, here are 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Classroom. They are fun to make and are a good alternative to candy gifts.

5 Homemade Valentine's Day Card Ideas for the Classroom - Pinterest

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Classroom

1. Pet Rocks
We all love this pet rock Valentine’s card. They are super easy to make and so adorable. My kid’s have already done them a couple times. You just need a handful of supplies and you can put catchy phrases on the card like, “You ROCK, Valentine.”

2. Origami Heart Book Marks
Lately my seven-year old has been really interested in origami. So heart-shaped origami bookmarks are perfect for him to make for his class as a Valentine’s Day gift. I found small square origami paper from Michael’s which was perfect.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - origami heart bookmark
Photo Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

3. Heart Shaped Cookies
If you want to bake something together, these heart shaped-chocolate chip cookies are perfect for a classroom gift on Valentine’s Day.


4. Pencil Card
My daughter is excited to make this simple pencil Valentine’s Day card for her kindergarten class this year. They are a fun gift idea for the classroom and she’ll get to practice her cutting skills.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Pencil Card
Photo Source: Chica Circle

5. Friendship Bracelet Valentine
This really easy friendship bracelet is a great classroom V-day card. You can do them in different colors and it comes with a printable. It was actually my favourite but neither of the kids wanted to do it. Maybe I can make them for my girlfriends when we go out for a ‘Galentine’s Day” dinner. (I learned that Galentine is a real thing!!)

Valentine's Day Gift IDeas for the classroom -friendship bracelets
Photo Source: Danee-Designs

Those are just 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Classroom that I really like. For more card ideas, check out my Valentine’s Day Craft Pinterest Board

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