7 Fun Spring Activities for Kids

We have been so lucky in Vancouver this Winter. Much of the weather has been beautiful and quite mild. Even today as I am writing this post, the sunshine is streaming through the windows. It seems like Spring is so close, I can almost feel it! I will take it as a sign that now the perfect time to share some fun Spring activities that you can do with with your kids.

1. Flower Experiments 
Spring sees the bloom of new flowers so this experiment is a great way to start talking to  your children about Spring while still doing a fun activity.

Photo Courtesy: Growing A Jewelled Rose
Photo Courtesy: Growing A Jewelled Rose

2. Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder
Love this idea for a homemade bird feeder that is simple enough for the kids to help out. And it’s great for the birds that still stick around during the winter. 

Photo Courtesy: CBC Parents
Photo Courtesy: CBC Parents

3. Indoor Bulb Plant
ow about an indoor plant activity? This science experiment will have your kids learning and engaged at the same time with the end result of at a pretty new plant in the house. 

bulb plant activity
Photo Courtesy: Buggy and Buddy

4. Scavenger Hunt
Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt, depending on the weather, it’s great way to get the kids moving, exploring nature and having fun!

outdoor scavenger hunt

5. Play Dough Garden
Since it’s too cold for a full-fledged outdoor garden, this play dough garden is the perfect way to start getting ready for Spring planting.

Photo Courtesy: Fantastic Fun and Learning
Photo Courtesy: Fantastic Fun and Learning

6. Stained Glass Kites
Kites are another part of Spring to look forward to. You can get in the zone with these lovely stained glass kites that your kids will love putting together.

Photo Courtesy: Makes and Takes
Photo Courtesy: Makes and Takes

7. Butterfly Footprint Art
et’s face it, kids love getting messy, so why not make their mess into art work? Try this really lovely butterfly footprint project. The kids will enjoy while they are doing it as well as for years to come once it’s mounted on the wall.

Photo Courtesy: MommyPotamus
Photo Courtesy: MommyPotamus

My kids are really excited to try this activities. For more Spring related arts and crafts, make sure to visit my Spring Activities for Kids Pinterest Board.

8 thoughts on “7 Fun Spring Activities for Kids

  1. These are awesome ideas! I’ve seen the flower one before – I don’t have kids but I want to try it just for me, is that bad?? Kind of LOLed when I noticed that the scavenger hunt required the kids to find a crab – none here in Indiana but it could easily be substituted for an earthworm or some other insect. I think my nephews would have a lot of fun with these projects when they get a bit older. Thanks for the share 🙂

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