7 Secret Santa Gifts for Under $20

7 Secret Santa Giftsfor under $20

Secret Santa exchanges are a fun part of the holiday season, getting together with friends, family or coworkers to surprise each other with a gift. Sometimes though, finding the right gift can be tough. Here are 7 Secret Santa Gifts that would be perfect for anyone!

1. Movie Tickets – Everyone loves to go to the movies so a gift card to the local theatre would be a great gift.

secret santa - movie tickets

2. Latest Bestseller – Head to your local bookstore and pick up a bestseller. The bookstores usually have a list of the most popular to choose from. Just grab a gift receipt in case you picked the wrong one

3. Coffee Shop Gift Card – Almost everyone drinks either, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. So pick up a a gift card for your Secret Santa from the local coffee shop. It’ll definitely be appreciated.

Secret Santa - coffee shop gift card

4. Board Game – Pick one of the your favorite board games for your Secret Santa. It’ll be perfect for them to play at holiday family get togethers

5. Coloring Book – Coloring books are all the rage this year. They are supposed help relieve stress, get a break from technology and let’s face it, coloring is fun!

secret santa - adult coloring books

6. Bookstore Gift Card – A gift card from a local bookstore will be a great way for your Secret Santa recipient to take some time and treat themselves.

7. Selfie Stick – Most people don’t know this, but they need a selfie stick. It makes pictures better and they are more fun to take.

secret santa - selfie stick

Are you participating in a Secret Santa this year?

8 thoughts on “7 Secret Santa Gifts for Under $20

  1. Ha! I have to bring a secret santa gift to a party I am going to tonight…. Funnily enough, I get so much random product, that I am just going to bring a whole bunch to the party lol!

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