7 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

I love a good reason to do some crafting with the kids. So with Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend, I’ve rounded up a few cute and fun Thanksgiving Craft Ideas. Some of them can even be used on the table during Thanksgiving dinner.


1. Turkey Door
Let your guests be greeted by this awesome turkey door. It’s simple enough for the kids to do and will give your guests a good giggle when they arrive.

Photo Source: Making Of A Mom

2. Napkin Rings

This really simple craft gets your kids out in nature to collect leaves and also lets them be part of preparing Thanksgiving dinner by making the napkin rings.

Photos Source: Castle View Academy

3. Glowing Turkey

Who doesn’t love a little glitter? Well, my husband actually, but that’s another story. This adorable glowing turkey craft is fun for the kids and will be a great decoration on Thanksgiving weekend.

Photo Source: The Typical Mom

4. Thanksgiving Placemats

I love the idea of getting the kids to make placemats for Thanksgiving dinner. There are so many ideas to use, like hand turkeys, personalizing with names, tracing leaves and then laminate them. If you have a laminator, great! If not, go to a local business place like Staples and you can usually get them laminated for a couple dollars each. It can be a take home giftfor your guests too.

Photo Source: The Domestic Notebook


5. Nature Centrepiece 
Take the kids for a nature walk and collect leaves, sticks, acorns ects. Then let them use it to make a centrepiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Just head to the dollar store to pick up a glass vase first and your you’ll have everything you need for this Thanksgiving craft.

Photo Source: Wedding Venues

6. Turkey Frame

Grab a plain frame from the dollar store and transform it into a turkey. You can even write the date on the back. Then put a family photo in it from Thanksgiving dinner as a memory.

Photo Source: The Chirping Moms


7. Hand Wreath
And lastly, I love the idea of this hand wreath. If you have a few kids coming to Thanksgiving dinner, it could also be a great craft to do while the adults are talking. As guests come in, you can have them trace their hands on a paper and write their names on it. Then the kids can be in charge of cutting them out and pasting them together.


If you want more Thanksgiving Craft Ideas, check out my Pinterest Board.

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  1. I love the Turkey door. We had our own thanksgiving in Canada recently and for the first time, we didn’t do turkey (no one really liked it!). But the crafts are splendid ideas.

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