Testing Milk Frothers to Make Your Own Lattes

I don’t drink coffee. Trust me, I’ve tried but I just don’t like or enjoy it.  However, if you give me a delicious latte, I can definitely also enjoy that! 

After treating myself to a latte once a week, I decided that I should try making them at home, especially because my husband buys a green tea latte every morning. I thought by making them ourselves, we’d save money in the long run and we would know exactly what ingredients were going into them. 

Before sharing my homemade latte recipes (in future posts,) I am going to give you my feedback on milk frothers because that is really the key to a good latte. I tested out three frothers and I am sharing my thoughts on them with you.

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1Fresco Electric Frother
irst I went for the simplest and most inexpensive one I could find on the market and that was a handheld Fresco Frother that I found at London Drugs for $9.99 (It’s on sale now.) My goal was to save money and make lattes at home so if I could do it for ten dollars, why not?

And it did work, but it was just more time and energy. You have to warm your milk in a pot first, just until it bubbles, then you can use your handheld frother for the milk. Make sure to use a deep cup so that when you’re frothing, you don’t also get sprayed (which totally happened to me the first time I tried it.) But it did work, so if you don’t mind the extra step of steaming your milk first, this is a great option.


Of course, I still wanted something with fewer steps that saved me more time and work.

2. Martello Pro Milk Frother
ext I tried an electric frother from Walmart which was pricier at $58.88, but it promised to do everything in one step  which really appealed to me. So I brought it home and tested it out. It was definitely quicker (and cleaner.) I also like that you can easily take the little frother stick out and then you can just warm up milk if you want. This one also has the option of making a cold frothy drink too.

milkfrotherwalmart cropped

The hubby however felt like it wasn’t hot enough, just luke warmer so we decided to try out one more. (Good thing all these stores have great return policies that say if you don’t like it after you use it, bring it back.)

3. Capresso Froth Plus
he final one we tried was a fancy looking Capresso Froth Plus from Bed Bath & Beyond which sold for $79.99. What I liked about this one is the way it looked, that it was easy to clean and it had three settings, hot, warm and cold.

However, I found that even though it had a third setting for hot, it still made the latte’s the same temperature as the Martello. The solution that I came up with was to take the frother piece out and just heat the milk. Then add the frother attachment back in and press the button again. This gives you a hot latte with the frother texture that makes it taste so good.

milkfrother bedbathand beyond


In the end, my favourite was #2, the Martello Pro Milk Frother because it was a simple step to add the attachment. Lift the lid, slid it into the lid and then close and press the button. The Martello also made lots of froth, if that’s something your enjoy.

For the Capresso, to get it to the latte at the temperature I wanted, I would heat the milk, then pour it into a cup, put the frother attachment into the bottom, then pour the milk back in. It was an extra step that really wasn’t necessity and often end up with me spilling.

Milk Frother Latte

 Of course there are many more frothers out there to try. These were the ones that I ended up testing so I thought I would share with you. Which ever one you do end up buying, they ALL make delicious lattes.

Hopefully this review helps you out. Make sure to come back and visit or sign up of to get email alerts of my blog posts because I will soon be sharing my very easy and tasty homemade latte recipes.

*This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own as always and all items were purchased by me.


17 thoughts on “Testing Milk Frothers to Make Your Own Lattes

  1. Great review! I am an espresso coffee lover. I cannot drink drip coffee anymore, only espresso (lattes, americanos, cappucinos, etc…) My machine has a frother attached, so I didn’t realized there were these types of frothers out there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love the smell of coffee. I hate the taste of it. I have though, been searching for a great espresso machine for my sister who loves coffee. I finally decided on an Italian machine that we saw in Venice. It was a beautiful multi-task machine that ground its own beans, stored 12 cups of hot water, auto-clean, hot shots, everything from light to dark roasts, and double espresso shots. It was amazing. I like knowing that these easy store ones are available. My mother is also a coffee junkie, and she does NOT want an expensive machine.

  3. Looked for the Martello My Milky Pro Milk Frother on the United States Amazon site, and couldn’t. But this did give me some inspiration for a possible birthday gift for my spouse.

  4. I don’t drink coffee either and I recently purchased the Martello milky pro cause I love steamers. I have the exact same one however it doesn’t froth the milk. I’m using almond milk. What kind of milk did you use to get the froth ?
    Thank you 🙂

  5. I can’t never say no to cappuccino or latte, it’s something that I would love to drink every minute of every day. I have electric milk frother but french press also works for me. Rather than shaking a closed container, give the press and few good pumps and the milk froths very quickly.

  6. I found the easiest way to heat the milk is in the microwave. I think it is most important to use skim milk to get the greatest froth. I do mine for one minute on high in the cup I use for my latte. I then add my sweetener and froth with the small hand held frother. Then add my coffee and stir. A few shakes of cinnamon on top makes it totally delicious and it looks so professional.

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